Graduation 2009

Congratulations to ACMS's most recent graduates. Congratulations are extended as well to all the people in their lives that worked hard to make this possible.

Here's to the Future, as a new day begins!

From Left to Right: Samantha Abel, Irene Frieda, Ben Abel, Dylan Basto, Allison Winters, Krista lane, and Rosie Boase

The Ceremony

The graduation ceremony began at the Moravian Church at 3:00 in the afternoon. After the opening processional and call to worship by Reverend Burrows, the Inuttitut choir sang "Jesuse tessiortigut". Reverend Burrows gave a meaningful message about a symbolic anchor, and the whole church sang three hymns, "As the Deer", "Nearer my God to Thee", and "Jesus Bids us Shine". Two of these were sung in traditional language. Mr. Coombs presented our grads with their certificates before Reverend Burrows said a few words of closing to end the service. Afterwords, the grads went outside to pose for some pictures!


Mr. Coombs presented the diplomas to the graduates.

Rosie Boase
Krista Lane
Allison Winters
Angel Frieda
Samantha Abel
Dylan Basto
Ben Abel


The Recieving Line Tossing the Grad Hats



The Banquet

The Graduation Banquet began at 5:30 pm, with Ms. Barrett acting as an MC for the evening. After the students grand entrance, everyone enjoyed a large buffet meal before the presentations and speeches began.

After the meal, Lindsay Hellings, current teacher at ACMS made a speech as a special guest, followed by Ms. Patty Pottle, who gave a speech as our Member of the House of Assembly and Minister of Aboriginal Affairs. She presented each graduate with a certificate for their accomplishments. Next was a speech by Mr. Daryl Shiwak, Minister of Education and Economic Development for the Nunatsiavut Government and former Phys. Ed. teacher at our school. He talked a bit about teaching our grads when they were young, life as a teacher, and offered advice on growing up.


Following the speeches, the graduates cut their four cakes (thank you Damien Lucy for your delicious baking), and served up slices. Ymm! When our taste for deserts was satified, we sat back to watch a power point presentation (by Ms. Barrett) of the graduates, as they grew up.

Next our graduates took the stage for toasts and speeches.

Sam's Toast to Students Krista's toast to the parents Allison's toast to the teachers
  Angel's Valedictory Address  


Samantha toasted the students. Krista toasted the parents, and Allison toasted the teachers. Irene, our valedictorian, gave a thoughtful and heartfelt speech, concluding the toasts.

Samantha and her sister Cindy sang a traditional Moravian song, in dedication to another one of our teachers, and their uncle, Mr. Philip Abel, who teaches Inuttitut and skilled trades technology, before leaving room for Mr. Coombs, who delivered his Principal's message with ease and careful consideration.


Many of the graduates took the stage again, to offer thanks to the many people who worked hard to make the graduation possible before making room for Ms. Barrett, who delivered messages of those who could not be present, as well as a speech of her own, as this is her last year at ACMS as well.


The banquet drew to a close with a dance for the parents, and a dance for the dates, before local teachers Mr. Caines and Mr. Barnes took the stage for some live music from the '90s, around the time our graduates were born. Many of the grads stuck around, to pose for some pictures near the lovely decorations and our winter theme.



Dylan with date Dawn Rose
Samantha with date Sonny
Angel with date Eugene
Rosie with date Kelsey
Allison with date Damien

Posed Photos!


Some pictures of our decorations

  Our gate: 8' high, 10' wide, and made by Ms. Barrett, Mr. Abel, and the skilled trades class of 2009.
A winter scene painted for the occasion by Ms. Barrett. The Northern Lights, painted by Ms. Caines and Ms. Barrett.


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