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Amos Comenius Memorial Presents. . .

The Class of 2000

From Left to Right - Charlotte Lucy, Graham Blake, 
Ben Winters and Jonas Tuglavina


May 26th was graduation day at Amos Comenius Memorial for four eager individuals. The celebration began with a Cap and Gown service at the Moravian Church, followed by the Prom which took place in the school gymnasium.



The church service was delivered by the local Moravian Minister, Reverand Sam. The service began at 4:00PM as the graduates entered to the song "Pomp and Circumstances", performed by the high school band. As well, the Elementary choir performed the song " We Rise Again" under the direction of Ms. Burt, the school music teacher. Mr. Plowman the principal, spoke to the graduates and presented them with their diplomas to conclude the ceremony.


The night began at 7:00 as the grads entered to the song "Graduation" by Vitamin C.  This was followed by a buffet meal accompanied with speeches and presentations by invited guests and graduates.

Our grad cake, compliments of Mrs. Slade

The girls hanging out on the park bench

Charolotte and Ms. Parizeau

lotte and her date, Burton Winters

Graham and his date, June Flowers

Ben and his date, Terri Winters

Ben and his date, Terri Winters

Grads dancing with their dates

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