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Graduation 2003

"A Moment Like This"


Graduates 2003
(top left-bottom right)

Betty Vincent
Amalia Jararuse
Jenny Basto
Cheryl Torarak
Candace Igloliorte
Jennifer Hunter
Clara Flowers

This years graduation was a total success, the day began with a ceremony at the Moravian Church, where the graduates  received their  diplomas.
Betty Vincent, recieving her diploma.
At 6:30, the fun started, as the Dinner and Reception began in the school gym. Here the graduates gave speeches reflecting upon their lives and experiences while going to school at A.C.M.S. 

The Valedictorian, Cheryl Torarak gives her speech.

Jennifer Hunter and Candace Igloliorte give their speech.

All of the graduates wore beautiful dresses, and enjoyed a feast fit for queens.

After the meal, the dance began, during which the graduates enjoyed waltzes with their parents and dates. Afterwards the dance floor opened up to the guests, and the graduates proceeded to having their pictures taken.

The graduates dance up a storm.

It was a beautiful night, in which dreams come true. The future awaits these seven young ladies as they enter the world, full of youth and new ideas.



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