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Graduates of 2004-2005

"Remembering Now and Forever"

Graduates 2004 (From left to right): Sheldon Lane, Patrick Winters, Andrea Pijogge, Sheena Lucy


With a beautiful ceremony, the graduates began their day, receiving their diplomas at the Moravian Church.
Reverend Sam provided an uplifting speech, encouraging them to embrace their culture, and to venture out into the world.

There were both smiles and tears throughout the service,
as the graduates remembered fond memories.


 The school band played for the grads, and everyone sang hymns in their honor.

Graduate Sheena Lucy was escorted by Cloddy.


Graduate Andrea Pijogge was escorted by Ben Mitsuk.
Graduate Sheldon Lane was escorted by Jackie Basto.

Graduate Patrick Winters was escorted by Cheryl Torarak.


The graduates and guests enjoyed a wonderful traditional meal, and then the they gave their speeches to the audiences.

(left) Sheldon Lane, gives a humorous speech, being the comedian that he is.
(right) The valedictorian, Sheena Lucy, gives her speech.


Next, they enjoyed several dances, within the beautiful Gazebo that they worked so hard to create.


The drumdancers performed throughout the night, providing a very traditional feeling to the celebration.


The night progressed beautifully and the graduates had a wonderful celebration.




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