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Winter Carnival

ACMS is proud to announce that we celebrated a Winter Carnival during the week of April 7-12.

There was a series of events throughout the week, starting with T-Shirt Day on Monday, and ending with Inuit Games and movies with popcorn on Friday afternoon, April 12. The scheduled boil-up was moved to Friday, April 18 due to the weather, and it was also a great success!

Schedule of Events

Monday: School Spirit Day - Pictures were taken in the gym starting at 9:00 and regular classes resumed for the rest of the day.

Tuesday: Hawaiian Day. Even though sunshine was not in our future today, many people still sported those cool summer shades and hawaiian shorts and a lai. A special hawaiian treat of watermelon, oranges and bananas were served to each class, and our afternoon of karaoke was a complete success!

Wednesday: Cultural Day. This was a day where students and teachers wore traditional clothing.

Thursday: Pj/BedHeadday. This was a great success! Everyone was encouraged to crawl out of bed and come on in with their pjs and bed head!

School Boil-up: We met at the school and went as a group across the ice to a place behind the airstrip. Students, teachers and parents enjoyed sliding, ice fishing, ski-dooing, several campfires with hotdogs and marshmallows, and fresh fruit.

*Click the links above to see pictures for each day!